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Education Committee

This committee has oversight and responsibility of the coordination of all REBB Continuing Education credit hours and submitting desired classes to the Real Estate commission for approval.

Membership and Marketing Committee

The main function of this committee is to maintain and grow the membership of the organization. The committee actively seeks ideas for retaining current members and increasing membership within the organization.

Communication/ Publicity Committee

This committee is responsible for the publication of our newsletter as well as updating or website regularly to keep members updated on Realtist event, industry notices and other topics. The committee is also responsible for the appropriate publication of newsworthy items in the media.

Fundraising Committee

The purpose of this committee is to lead the organization in efforts that attract money to assist in meeting the overall financial well-being of REBB.

Realtist Week committee

This committee is responsible for coordination activities for the designated week that are in line with the goals and objectives established by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc (NAREB).

Public Affair/ Legislative Committee

This committee is tasked with keeping Realtist abreast of those inquiries that affect and concern how we do business. Information is to be obtained on the local, state and federal level.
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